Sunday, September 23, 2012

BFA Environment week.

Project is a continuation of last week's ideas, involving the country of origin and environment development. Since I'm using Sweden, I was inspired by some of their folk lore to portray an old deity of theirs, in a state of petrification. The opening in its chest is a well, which the character I developed last week will find contains a sacred idol that can grant any wish. 

Final Render

Sketchbook ideas, trying to achieve a feeling to run with.

Painting out ideas for my render, some of these will serve as material for next Friday's submission, where I'll set up some "moment" renders.

Rough submission for Friday, where I got most of my feedback for a revision. They asked me to improve my atmospheric perspective, as well as my detail distribution. A fellow classmate suggested using the space on the right more strategically, such as adding a knee above the water line.

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