Monday, February 2, 2009

Introducing "Fort" and other stuff

So my lovely girlfriend gave me an Xbox 360 for my birthday, and I'm both shocked and amazed that she did that. But instead of geeking out on Gears 2, I decided to go sketching today after class, and I drew out an idea for something I was noodling around with earlier.
I wanted to illustrate Fort, the survivor of an urban undead outbreak, who is sturdily built and dressed from head to toe in his assorted protective sports gear (umpire mask, football chest/shoulder gear and jersey, goalie pants and gloves, and a wrestling championship belt). A little backstory to Fort:
Before the outbreak, he lived in downtown Chicago, and was a multitalented athelete with a promising college hockey carreer. He lost both his parents in the undead onslaught, and is determined to be reunited with his kid sister, who was staying with his grandparents in Washington D.C.
Fort doesn't use guns; he is armed with a sledgehammer, and has sharpened the handle to a stake point. I'll be posting random crap like this sometimes ;)

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  1. you should make that 'posting random crap like this sometimes' to 'posting random crap like this ALL the time.' ... baby